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2015年12月英语六级考试已完结,不少试题开始去找参考答案展开估分。小编整理了英语六级作文的真题及参考答案,期望对试题有协助!信息技术无法解决问题Direction: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short eaasy based on the picture below. You should focus on the difficulty in acquiring useful information in spite of advanced information technology. You are required to write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.参照范文:As is graphically revealed in the cartoon, a few employees are holding a conference in the meeting room equipped with advanced devices。

However,the most striking feature of the drawing is that the man in the center,who seems like a manager,says that they have lots of information technology,while useful information is badly needed。Simple as the illustration seems,it discloses a serious problem that it is rather hard to obtain helpful information in the highly modernized society。A multitude of reasons can account for the phenomenon。On the one hand, it can be partially due to the fact that the modern technology has been developing at an incredible speed, which provides a booming amount of information and it is difficult to tell the right from the wrong。

On the other hand,it is also because the restriction about spreading information on the Internet is far from perfect, making it difficult to get rid of the problem effectively and fundamentally。From my perspective,it is high time that we transferred our focus from developing technology to searching for something helpful。Only in this way can we acquire what we literally need。



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